Friday, January 20, 2012

USACM Policy Statement on SOPA and PIPA

For now, the immediate battle seems to have been won, but you can be sure that the MPAA and their cohorts will be back soon.

However, I wanted to point everyone to this USACM blog post that provides their policy statement regarding SOPA and PIPA. If you don't want to read their full policy statement, I would at least encourage you to take a quick look at their very approachable (by non-Geeks ;-) "Analysis of SOPAŹ¼s impact on DNS and DNSSEC".


  1. its nice post about the security thanks for providing such useful information actually there should be proper councling about the Security Course it provides a better security tricks along with to brighten someone's career.....

    1. Sesilia, thanks for your kind remarks, but in this specific case, all the hard work was done by others and all I did was link to it.